Suitable for use by players and GMs, this app helps navigate the large body of techniques detailed in Bedrock Games' Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. The app also catalogs Spells from WHOG's sister system Sertorius, featuring full data on all of the following:

•Character Generator for Wandering Heroes and Sertorius 
•WHOG Kung Fu Techniques (both normal and profound)
•WHOG Immortal Powers
•WHOG Insights
•Sertorius Spells
•Sertorius Thauma

In the spirit of WHOG releasing its techniques into the public domain, it is also possible to add in your own techniques! You can then generate an export for others to paste into their app and use the techniques you made (a great way for GMs to give players techniques from a custom sect).

Additionally, the app features robust character functionality! Most notably, it features a random character generator so that GMs can easily get full stat blocks on the fly. Players may also wish to generate a few for inspiration, or even direct use - the character generator follows the rules of character creation and makes sure heroes have the skills necessary to use their abilities. If you prefer to make a own character from scratch, though, you may also use the manual character creator which provides guidance on purchasing skills. Much like techniques, characters can also be copied to other devices through the export function.

1) Download app
2) Uncompress file

3) Double Click Bedrock Companion.Exe 
4) Windows Defender might block it, if so click "More Info"

5) Click "Run Anyway"
1) Download Zip
2) Double Click Zip

3) Control Click Icon, Select "Open"

4) Click "Open"