"...if you’re looking for a mob game, I can’t recommend this one highly enough"----Peter Spahn


"Highly recommended if you want some modern day, seek and destroy, anti-heroic, blood drenched fun." ----Tommy Brownell,
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Bedrock Games brings mobsters and mayhem to your gaming table in Crime Network: Cosa Nostra. 

Work your way through the ranks of the family by bringing in the dough, taking out the competition, and not getting whacked in the process. 

Experience the thrill of an anti-heroic adventure; it's a crazy and deadly way of life. Get ready for an intense gaming experience in the spirit of the best mob movies. 
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Dominic Russo is a rat. A deal gone wrong landed his pals in jail-and Russo in the witness protection program. While his buddies got old and angry in the pen, Russo spent five years relaxing on the beach.

But now, his number's come up. Russo's beach is located in Conaca, a small city on the western coast of Sicily. The family he turned his back on knows this - and they've got people they can count on to make sure Russo gets what he deserves. 

In Old Country, a module for the Crime Network role-playing system, players travel far from home to take care of a traitor, and find themselves embroiled in a city-wide manhunt. Russo's connections in his Italy are stronger than ever, and the network that protects him is as old as the island itself.
Far from their America, in a mob paradise where they have no foothold, players will be forced to rely on their wits to accomplish this mission, and every last drop of their mettle to determine how far they'll go for mob justice.
Orlando inducts you into the family. In this Crime Network supplement from Bedrock Games, learn to survive life in the American mafia, with a seasoned professional as your guide. 
Provides a complete overview of everything you need to know to run a solid crime-based adventure.