"Terror Network takes the premise of highly-trained, covert counter-terrorism operations and makes it accessible for the average gamer"---- Bill Bodden
Terror Network is our popular and well reviewed investigation-focused couter-terrorism RPG.

From the mountains of Afghanistan to the streets of Boston, fight on the front lines against Terrorist Networks like Al-Qaeda. You and your fellow agents are the nation's unsung heroes in the War on Terror. 

Go undercover to root out terrorist cells or fly into the heart of 
danger on a covert mission. In this counter-terrorism setting you can play agents from the FBI, CIA, The Department of Homeland Security, The Department of Defense and Local Law Enforcement.

"Just a lot of great information packed into a well written, well researched book. A must for Terror Network players and GMs."
----Tommy Brownell, Most Undread Blog
The Agency Resources Guide is a vital tool for the Terror Network GM. Covers everything you need to know about foreign counter-terrorism agencies, terrorist groups, investigations, US agencies, security clearances and more.  

Compatible with the network system, but handy for any game featuring counter-terrorism action, this is the perfect book for gamers looking to add another level of realism to their game. more.

Winner of Best Adventure Scenario at the Gaming Genius Awards.
A murdered arms dealer and a handful clues...
It is a night of celebration in Boston, but a group of extremists have other plans...
This heart-pounding investigation pits your players against an unexpected threat. They have less than 12 hours to track their leads and stop the attackers, or Boston will never be the same. 
The Patriot Incident is a Terror Network module, and provides the gamemaster with a complete counter-terrorism investigation. It includes 19 suspects and over 20 locations for your players to investigate as they race to stop a major terrorist attack.

"Operation Hydra is a pleasingly well designed 
investigative scenario."---- Andrew Lindley
The War on Terror has hit American soil, and the enemy takes aim at Dallas, Texas.
The clock is ticking as an Al Mahara terrorist cell plots a deadly attack in this exciting mission. Agents scour Dallas for leads in an effort to stop the terrorists before it's too late. 

Designed for 2-6 players, Operation Hydra is the first module for the Terror Network game system. It comes complete with a detailed map of Dallas, instructions for running the operation, and an array of suspects. Your players will be thrilled, challenged, and excited for more, as they confront the dangers of Al Mahara in this captivating module.

The dust has settled in Dallas, and the Al Mahara terrorist cell has left its mark upon American soil. Retaliation is at hand, and you're leading the charge. 

Operation Hydra Den takes players to the sun scorched deserts of Saudi Arabia, where Al Mahara agents have uncovered a source of uranium in a mountain range nestled between two towns, each crawling with terrorists. Players must obtain evidence to launch an investigation against Al Mahara and their nefarious leader, Muhammad Abaza, and take out as many terrorists as they can along the way. 

Operation Hydra Den can be played as a stand-alone mission, or part of a series of modules in the Al Mahara campaign. This undercover operation will require skill, quick thinking, and a lot of bullets to pull off, but missions like these aren't given to just anyone.

When Terrorists interrupt a day of shopping at Bellpoint Mall, a group of ordinary citizens rise to the occasion and kick butt. Average Joes is a combination source book and game module for Terror Network that presents a different way to play the original game. It comes complete with the mall scenario, special rules for playing Average Joes, and ideas for future campaigns.

" I love the Bedrock Games approach to adventures....Another stellar release by Bedrock Games."
----Tommy Brownell, Most Undread Blog
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